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Photo Emulsion is used to prepare stencils that are used in printing industry by help of positive films.

Japanese MURAKAMI company has preparedPhotocure WSR Diazo Type high performance photo-emulsion special for market.

Photo Emulsion

Applications and Specifications

► Diazo Base Photo Emulsion suitable for Textile Printing

► Applicable for water base ink and plastisol ink

► Superior image reproduction with good resolution and edge definition

► Realization of flatter coated surface with ease of coating process

► Lesser Sticky Surface (stronger resistance to humidity)

► Viscosity: Approx 22.000 mPa・s (at 25℃)

► Solid Contents: Approx 46%

► Standard Packaging: 5kg set


Water & Solvent Ranking Solvent Ranking
Water Good Turpentine Oil Good
Toulene Good Citrus based chemicals Good
Acetone Fair Methyl Ethyl Ketone Fair
Butylacetate Fair Methanol Not Recommend
Ethyl Acetate Fair Dimethylformamide Not Recommend


1.Clean and degrease the screen mesh to enhance coating results (Recommendation of use Our “MSP Cleanser”).

2.Dissolve the attached Diazo in water well (5~10% dilution against Emulsion amount). Do not use “Hot water”.

3.Pour the dissolved diazo into emulsion and stir throughly.

4.Leave the mixed emulsion overnight or filtrate it with Mesh (100cm/250inch or higher mesh) for the emulsion to de-bubble.

5.Coat the emulsion as slow speed as possible to prevent bubble occurrence etc during coating process.

6.Keep the Coated Screen inside Oven Dryer around 40℃ with air circulation.

Storage and Others

○ It’s ideal that you shall use up the mixed(after sensitized stage) within 2 week.

○ It’s advised you filtrate the emulsion with Mesh etc… whenever you put the photo emulsion back from coating bucket into emulsion bottle.

○ It can help you to remove unwanted particles collected during coating process.


Mesh EOM (μm) Lamp:3kw Metal / Distance: 100cm (UV:42, Intensity: 12mw/cm2)
Polyester 31/71 (W) 35 210~270 sec
Polyester 59/48 (W) 10 90~105 sec
Polyester 59/48 (W) 15 95~110 sec
Polyester 100/40(W) 15 100~130 sec

* Above are guideline only. It’s recommended that you do a step exposure to obtain your desire timing.

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