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Squeegee blades are used in screen printing industry. The raw materials of blades are very important according to used chemicals to print and economic life of itself.

Solvent, plastisol or water resistant polyurethane squeegee blades are produced in several size and hardness.

Squegee Blades


Thickness Height Color Hardness (Shore)
9mm 50mm Orange 50A
9mm 50mm Green 60A
9mm 50mm Red 70A
9mm 50mm Yellow 80A
9mm Sandwich 50mm Red/White/Red 65A/90A/65A
9mm Sandwich 50mm Yellow/White/Yellow 75A/90A/75A
10mm 50mm Orange 50A
10mm 50mm Green 60A
10mm 50mm Red 70A
10mm 50mm Yellow 80A
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